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Shimonita Geopark

From the transformation of the earth to the footsteps of the early people

Shimonita Town in Gunma Prefecture is said to be one of the most important areas in Japan for its rich geological resources. The area shows many signs of tectonic deformation associated with the formation of the Japanese islands. Atokura Klippe is one of them. Many relics of the Paleolithic times and Jomon Period have been unearthed from the terrace along the Kabura River. This is why we have chosen “From the transformation of the earth to the footsteps of the early people” as the theme for the Shimonita Geopark.

Such transformation has created the distinct geography and climate of Shimonita, allowing it to produce specialty foods such as Shimonita negi (green onions) and Shimonita konnyaku (a gel-like health food made from a certain kind of potato) and to develop as a town with great heritage.

Shimonita Geopark was designed to have the visitors experience and submerge themselves in the natural geographical features of Shimonita through geotourism.

Base Facility “Shimonita Town Natural History Museum”

A five-minute walk from the slide surface of Atokura Klippe, one of the great geological sites, takes visitors to the Shimonita Town Natural History Museum. Making use of an old school building, the museum has exhibition rooms and laboratories, demonstrating the appeal of Geopark that cannot be conveyed just by being in nature.

Please note that there are parking restrictions at the museum and there are geographical sites that limit the access without the presence of a tour guide. It is advised that you contact the Shimonita Town Natural History Museum before your visit.